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DIG it Kingman Community Gardens Monitor Program


The purpose of the DIG it Garden Monitor program is to make sure that everyone that gardens at DIG it Kingman Community Gardens has a safe and fun gardening experience.  Our intention is to make sure that the garden is as free as possible of harmful pests and disease.  We also want to ensure that our valuable water resources are never wasted.  Our goal is to advise the garden bed lessees of any problem that we spot as soon as possible so that immediate corrective action can be taken to eradicate harmful pests, or disease problems, or watering issues in the garden.  By handling problems as soon as they arise we can prevent the spread of disease and harmful insects in the garden.  We will thus be able to stop the contamination of other garden beds and common garden areas before they become infected. 

Please view the DIG it Garden Monitor Duties and hopefully you will decide to help us keep DiG it clean, safe, and fun by becoming a garden monitor.

You can also view the  garden status flags.


If you need help with monitoring duties, or have any questions about monitoring; before or after you sign up, you can contact Mike, on his contact page.

Now that you know what the Monitor program is all about, click on the button below to sign up to become a monitor.







Monitor Training will be ongoing

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