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Rouha's Children's Garden at DIG it

Rouha is a wonderful woman who loves and cares about the Dig It garden.  She and her family leased the first Dig It handicap garden bed.  In the spring of 2017, they shared Dig It’s vision of having a children’s garden and family events to educate, inspire and excite youth to learn about gardening and how to care for the earth’s precious resources. Rouha donated the funding to get our Children’s Garden started and has supported us yearly to help keep the program growing.  She has attended most every event and is seen in the garden quite regularly.  Rouha and her family appreciate the Digit Garden community because it brings a unique place for kids without TV.  Thus, the Children’s Garden is named after our biggest supporter and is called “Rouha’s Garden”. 


In 2019, the Children’s Garden will be open for free family events on April 20th (Earth Day Celebration), May 18th (Southwestern Gardening Day), September 21st (Fall Harvest Day) and October 19th (Pumpkin Patch Day).  The educational events include face painting, a craft, story time, garden activity, a game and more.


The Children’s Garden is 100% volunteer-operated and is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3).  The Garden is located at 2301 Lillie Avenue, off of Hualapai Mountain Road.  For information about the garden, call 928-530-8072.


Many thanks to Rouha and her family for helping start our Rouha’s Garden and family events.  It makes so many children and families happy! 

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