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DIG it Kingman Community Garden Goals and Objectives

    A non profit 501(c)(3) Tax ID #942789842 


To provide a locally affordable source for fresh fruits and vegetables to all residents of the Kingman community. Our goals are to:


Build a stronger sense of Community in the Kingman and surrounding areas through a cooperative and enjoyable gardening experience.


Grow- Allow individuals to grow their own fresh produce at minimum cost.


Share-freshly grown produce with those less fortunate individuals and families in the community through outreach to churches, food banks, homeless shelters, etc.


Our Objectives are:

To facilitate food security and community involvement: With the support of non-profit community organizations such as, churches, food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals, etc., we encourage gardeners to give back to the community by sharing their garden produce, knowledge, and dedication with others.

To use sustainable growing techniques: We encourage the use of Minimum-Chemical growing guidelines and Integrated Pest Management principles that will provide healthy and pesticide free food.

To conserve water: through the use of Water Wise Gardening techniques that encourage the use of drip irrigation, soaker hoses, natural rainfall, etc.

To provide a safe place to garden: for those community members who may not have the resources or space for their own home garden.

Education: Our aim is to provide on and off-site educational opportunities through partnerships with Master Gardeners, Garden Clubs, and horticultural experts in and around the community.

Staying local: We encourage the planting of vegetables and fruits which are sustainable in our local environment.

Who we are
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