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On this page DIG it Gardeners have the opportunity to share images of their garden beds and the fruits of their labor.  If any DIG it gardener would like to post their photos, send the photos (max 6 photos) along with a brief narrative and their name and garden bed number(s) to the DIG it email address, or simply upload the photos to Ron on his contact page 

Photos by Denise Neath - 11-11-17:  2 1/2 five gallon pails of sweet potatoes were dug today at the garden!  What a harvest!  Just in time for Thanksgivings!

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Photos by Beth Weisser - 01-13-18:  Nature's Beauty in all its splendor at the garden

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Photo by Kathy Cooper - 02-04-18: Cauliflower grown at the Garden

Photo by Jamie Canning-07-25-18:  A picture of the Einkorn wheat we harvested. It makes fantastic bread, and pasta. It is easy to digest. Each seed that was sown produces a clump of 10 stalks. Each stalk has a diploid with 14 new grains of wheat. So, each seed has approximately a hundred-fold increase. Threshing and de-hulling the wheat is time consuming and a lost skill, but it is helpful for appreciating the value of a loaf of bread and the work involved in producing the food that we eat.


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