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Mohave County Master Gardeners at Payson Community Garden

The History of DIG it Kingman Community Gardens


In August 2014 , then Area Coordinator for the Kingman area Master Gardeners, Ron Tanner, presented an idea to the Master Gardeners about creating a community garden in Kingman that would serve the local residents of Kingman and the citizens in the surrounding areas.  After much discussion it was decided that several Master Gardeners would take a trip to Payson to visit the Community Garden there.  The date was set for October 6, 2014 and plans were made. 

In Payson the Master Gardeners (photo above) met with Roger Kreimeyer, the Director of the garden, to discuss the ins and outs of starting and running a community garden. 

Shortly after the Payson visit Tanner, Sue West, Denise Neath and others began to canvas local organizations such as Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) and local churches to ask for a donation of land to use as a site for the local garden. 

Later, members of the group met with Mike Roundy of Praise Chapel to discuss establishing a community garden on one acre of land that the church would donate to use.   A Steering Committee was formed.  The Steering Committee was comprised of Master Gardeners and friends and acquaintances of Roundy.  The group featured a diversity of talent;from community outreach specialists, to organizers, to garden design and construction specialists to gardener trainers and educators to those versed in computer technical skills.  Roundy brought forth the "DIG it" brand and had the logo designed.  The Garden basics were formed.

In succeeding months Tanner and others made presentations throughout the community seeking donations of money, materials, construction equipment, manpower, etc.  Many local organizations chipped in however and in whatever way they could.  Sue West helped to get grants to get the garden some seed money.

On April 15, 2015 the first DIG in was held.  Master Gardeners helped with the instruction of how to safely locate native vegetation.  

The Garden was under way.

DIKCG would like to sincerely thank all those in the community that have contributed to the success of DIG it Kingman Community Gardens. To view the many organizations and individuals that have helped make DIG it happen, visit our Acknowldegements page.

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