Leasing a Garden Bed at DIG It                       

Simple 4 Step Process

1. View Available beds  2. View the User Agreement

3. Complete Form  4. Pay

​​To Lease a new Garden Bed or renew an existing lease at DIG it: 
     Step 1. 
     Step 2.  View the User Agreement-Click here
     Step 3. Complete the Bed Lease Form below and submit

(if necessary)

After you complete and submit this form you will immediately receive a confirming email that your request for lease has been received.  If you are renewing your lease, within 72 hours you will receive an email that contains instructions on how to make your payment and an attached Bed Assignment Form (BAF) .  If you are a new lessee or a current lessee that is requesting  a new garden bed/s,  your email will also contain an attached diagram that shows your new bed/s highlighted in yellow.  

Step 4.

Make your payment within 15 business days after receiving your completed Bed Assignment Form, or as specified in the email above.  To make your secure payment online (recommended method), or if you are paying by cash, check, or money order, simply follow the instructions contained in the email.  You will be set to garden at DIG it between January 1 and December 31.  If there are no beds currently available, you will be notified by email that your name is being placed on a DIG it waiting list in the order your request was received. You will be notified when a bed is availableTo perform this process manually, send Ron a note on his contact page.  He will get you the User Agreement.  If you have any questions before you decide to Lease, give Denise a call at (928) 530 8072.