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Thank you from DIG it Kingman Community Gardens



Many thanks to all those that volunteered at the successful Watermelon Day event today at the Dig It garden. I really appreciate your help.  Our events can not be done without your help.


Events for the day...

Watermelon Education by Ron Tanner

Alligator ride near picnic table

Crafts..Alex Sisters Gallery/Bobbie watermelon windsock 

Watermelon plate- Gail with Cathie S

Watering Children's Garden—Teresa, Olga, Don, Jim

Watermelon bowling— Tami, Kimberlin, other children and Gabs

Watermelon, water, Zucchini cake samples provide by Kathy S—Cathie C

Watermelon samples/education---MC Public Education Tierra/Danica

Watermelon Splash Sherbet sample-Megan F


Registration-Sarah, family and Laura

Set up/take down/clean up days before-Mike R, Don, Jim, Laura, Denise, Kathy C, Coop, Bobbie, Teresa,

Cliff and Pat, Cathie S, Jan, Mary Mullin, Natalie 

Other gate was not locked so our counts are not accurate, many did not check in.

62 kids

131 total

33 volunteers




Weather was sunny, 96-100 degrees, no wind, no rain

Children’s Garden Sponsors-Rouha’s Fondation, Drs Linda and Philip Williams, Mary Chan 

Kingman Daily Miner took lots of pictures for article in paper

Publicity-Kingman Daily Miner, The Standard, Coffeecup News, Splash Pad, Entertainer,, Starbucks, Praise Chapel, Library

Passed out 100 flyers at preschool, schools, park, Head Start, grocery stores

Starbucks donated coffee and breakfast goodies for the volunteers

Safeway donated watermelons, water and supplies

Baskin Robbins donate 1/2 tub of Watermelon Splash Sherbet-Megan F seeded donation and gave samples

Hot Rod Cafe donated ice

Praise Chapel helps with copies and support

Sister’s Gallery of Healing Arts-donated supplies and orchestrated the windsocks

Teresa donated decorations, fruit and more

Gail got the supplies together for the watermelon plates and provided fruit bowl

Cathie S painted watermelon rocks for decor and made delicious zucchini bread

Tami, Kimberlin, girls-put together the bowing alley and Gabe was the pin setter

Megan C designed thank you board

Crafts-84 watermelon plates, ? Windsocks

Used 4 watermelons for samples, sold 4 and took 2 to Cornerstone Mission

100 water bottles

41 granola bars for watermelon plate pouch

48 pieces of zucchini cake


I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Pictures will follow.





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