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Pie and Ice Cream Social, August 16, 2018


It was a week ago tonight that Dig It Kingman Community Gardens had the Pie and Ice Cream Social.

We were blessed with good weather (no rain or bad wind!), wonderful pie and ice cream and great company.


Pie and Ice Cream Social photo.jpg

Thank you…

*for coming to join us and visit the garden.  I looked great.

*to all the volunteers that spent weeks making the garden look terrific!

*to Chandler for greeting everyone and having them sign in—we had 60 people in attendance!

*to those that brought the yummy pies, plates and ice cream—I put together the left overs (total of 2 pies and 2 pcs of Mystery Apple Pie! and took them to Cornerstone Mission.  They were gobbled up!). Also took two gallons of left over ice cream.

*to Safeway South for donating a $15 gift card to purchase supplies and ice cream 

*to Hot Rod Cafe for furnishing the ice

*to all those who helped set up, bring ice, donated water, stored ice cream and helped with clean up.

*and thanks for anything I forgot!


It was a fun event.  I really enjoyed it and appreciated everything everyone did to make it a nice event.




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