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Picnic Day Summary


Saturday, July 22, 2017. 9:30-11am.  Sunny, little wind, 99 degrees

Total attendees 145, 90 children, 23+volunteers (MANY, MANY THANKS!)

Donations:  Rainbow Diner (peanut butter and jelly, water), Hot Rod Cafe (water), Starbucks (fruit bars), Teresa (water), 

Sister’s Gallery (Granola Balls), Miss Kelly (candy)

Events: Set up and take down by Kathy, Bobbie, Mike, Gail, Don, Teresa, Jim; Registration and counter by Teresa, Cathy and Coralee, Story time by Miss Kelly, 

Plinko, bubbles, ring toss by Miss Kelly, Staci, others; Color lunch bag, ants on a log making, pnb-j sandwiches, granola balls, fruit bars by Tammy, Kailynn, Sharon, Gail, Bobbie;

Children’s Garden watering and tours by Sarah, Ella, Audrey, CJ and friends, Guitar Music by Julia, Gunny sack races by MC Public Health Education, Danica;

Garden Tours, etc by Kathy, Denise

           I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

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