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Planting Trees Class May 12, 2021

On May 12, 2021 DIG it in conjunction with Mohave Community College held a tree planting class at the garden.  Lori Gunnette and Lauren Peterson from MCC coordinated the class.  They were in attendance.   The lecturers/demonstrators from Bullhead City were Bill Stillman, Master Gardener Emeritus, Leroy Jackson, Master Gardener Emeritus, and Debbie Miller, Master Gardener. They all belong to the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension program. A young pomegranate tree/bush was used for the demo.  Bill, Debbie and Leroy spoke on the complete process of planting a young potted tree; from picking out a good specimen, to removing it from the pot, to digging the hole of the proper size and depth for the tree, to proper watering, to mulching (not fertilizing), and removing pests such as the Leaf footed bug. Bill also demonstrated how to use a probe to determine water penetration and proper soil composition. Leroy and Debbie actually demonstrated how to dig the hole with the correct dimension for the tree, then removing it from the container, and staking using flexible ties and tree stakes.  At the end of the demo the tree was given away to one of the attendees

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