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It was a garden educational day for children and enjoyed by 152 participants. The weather was gorgeous.

Children and families enjoyed learning about the different varieties of apples, carrots, peanuts, radishes, beans,

cucumbers, and squash in the children’s garden, many supplied by Baker Creek Seed Company.  

The morning consisted of families sampling different varieties of apples donated by our

local Smith store and homegrown from a local farmer, Steve Shade (thanks!). They also played apple corn hole, listened to story time, 

did apple crafts and enjoyed apple blossoms face painting.  Smiths corporate also donated apples cards  for

kids to get a free apple in the produce department of our local store.

Jeri, thanks for making the cupcakes and taking photos.


Volunteers, many thanks for supporting the garden and helping educate the children about gardening this year.

Your generous gift of time has provides fun and educational experiences for many families!  It was a great

year for the Dig It Children’s garden and hope you will be able to help again next year.  Many thanks from the bottom of my heart..

I enjoyed working with all of you!


I hope you enjoy the photos below.  See more photos on our Dig It Kingman Facebook page in the near future.


In Appreciation,

Denise Neath

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