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Irrigation Basics Class sponsored by Mohave Community College

Irrigation Basics 03-10-21.jpg

March 10, 2021 Bill Stillman, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Emeritus, assisted by Master Gardeners Leroy Jackson and Debbie Miller from Bullhead City held a class on Basic Irrigation at DIG it Kingman Community Gardens.  The attendees, who enthusiastically braved the cold weather, had a great time learning the basics or irrigation. They had many questions answered about setting up an irrigation system for their garden beds at DIG and elsewhere.  Along with a hands on demonstration, some of the topics that were discussed included irrigation fittings and emitters, pvc pipe and fittings, how to determine the amount of water to be used in a garden, and setting up a timer to be used with poly tubing to properly irrigate plants in a garden bed setting.

The series of classes are being sponsored by Mohave Community College, Lori Gunnette and Lauren Peterson, and are held at the Garden.  Some participants viewed the class over Zoom.  The next class will be on March 31 at 11 am. The class subject will be 'Growing Watermelons and Tomatoes' and will be presented by Ron Tanner.

Thanks to Bill, Leroy, and Debbie and of course MCC.

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