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Thank you from DIG it Kingman Community Gardens



Honey Bee Day Summary

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 9:30-11am

Weather was very nice, in the 70’s with sun and a bit of wind

Andy Devine Parade was on at same time.

64 people …again number is low as the east gate was left open again.

12 volunteers & their helpers…many thanks to all of you!  Alex, family & helpers, Sarah & family, Kathy, Don, Jim,

Gail, Teresa, Laura, Bobbie, Naoma, Megan, Denise and Miss Kelly

We had a successful start to our Children’s Area Events at the garden in 2017.  It could not have

happened without all of the volunteer's help and support.  Many, many thanks!

Rouha attended the event and enjoyed the zucchini cake made with zucchini picked from the Dig It garden!

We thank Rouha for her generous donation to get our Children’s garden and events started this year.  Also,

thanks to Drs Linda and Philip Williams for their generous donations to enhance our program.


We appreciate all the businesses that supported our events each month.  This month we thank 

Glory Bee from Eugene, OR for the flavored honey sticks (they were a hit!), Safeway for water,

Praise Chapel for their continued support and copies, Hot Rod Cafe for ice, Three Sisters Gallery for the Bee craft.


Activities for the day…

Story time with Miss Kelly at 10:15am

Painting “Bee” rocks with Kathy and Bobbie

Finger print “Bee” craft with Alex, family & helpers

Learning about bees with Gail

Watering in the garden and info table with Teresa & Laura

Pin the “Bee” on the sunflower with Naoma

Registration & passing out honey sticks by Sarah & family

Set up, help and clean up by Mark, Don & Jim and other helpers

Denise Neath

Photos from the Day

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