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Fall Harvest Day at DIG it
October 22, 2021

On a fair October day in 2021 DIG it hosted a Fall Harvest festival at the garden.  Andrea Penn,  a DIG it Steering Committee member who is in charge of Children's Events at the garden, was the spearhead for this event.  There were over fifty guests; kids and their parents that attended this fun filled event.  The fun included a bounce house for the kids that was donated by the Willey family, a scarecrow that doubled as Jerry Briggs in real life, Gail did face painting, Teresa Faatz erected a wonderfully decorated pumpkin and gourd structure, and of course Walter, the donkey, aka 'The Mayor of Oatman', who was accompanied by Brad and Kelly Blake was in attendance.  Thanks to Smith’s and Starbucks for their donations of coffee and pumpkins and other goodies.  The kids all received candy that was handed out by the scarecrow who was everywhere in the garden. They also got to pick a pumpkin of their choosing from the pumpkin patch.  The candy was received through donations from Kingman gardeners and supporters.  After all the excitement and fun for the kids and their parents, a potluck was held for the DIG it Lessees.  They chowed down on a home cooked meal that featured Macaroni and Cheese, a 'Heart Attack 'dish, and all other sorts of foods, fruits and vegetables.  All in all this was a wonderful day sponsored by DIG it Kingman Community Gardens.

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