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Earth Day Celebration, April 21, 2018

                     At the DIG it Children's Garden



The Weather was beautiful, sunny, little wind 70s-80s


Attendance- 44 adults, 59 kids, 35 volunteers, 189 volunteer hours


The Garden received Many donations..

Baker Seeds—gardening magazine for the kids

Honda-bottled water

Smiths-cookie coupons

Rainbow Diner-Peanut Butter for pinecone birdfeeders

Unisource-Sunflower Planting Kits as prizes for nutrition game

MC2-lunch boxes for prizes

Home Depot-$200 for Children’s Garden use-paint and supplies

Hot Rod Café-ice

Colleen Vance-granola bars

Starbucks-coffee, juice, water, treats

Clean City Commission $100 matching funds and had a table about recycling

Safeway North- Hallmark Bunny statues for prizes and decoration

Praise Chapel-copies and support

Recycled Pallet Planters-Garden Neighbor John



Story time about Earth Day

Snack-water, granola bars, fruit snacks, Starbucks kids snacks

Face Painting by the Sisters of The Church of the Latter Day Saints

Nutrition Game by Mohave County Public Health Nutrition Department

Recycling Information by Clean City Commission

Crafts-caterpillars made from egg cartons, pinecone bird feeders

Kids planted sunflower seeds and marigold plants

Received a kids children’s magazine

Recycle/reuse ideas


Raffle prizes-

Bunny Statues from Safeway North, Lunch boxes from MC2, Recycled Pallet Planters from Garden Neighbor John


Many thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors.  It was a great day for kids and families.


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