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Thank you, everyone, for helping with the Dig It Animal Friends in the Garden Children’s Area event.

Your help is so appreciated.  It was a great event.  There were more people attending than it felt like!


May 19th 9-11am

Perfect weather..little wind, sunny and 80s

124 attendees

25 super volunteers


Many thanks to... Smiths , Gerry Olson, MC 4-H Agent for loan of cages, Wells Fargo for pulling weeds and making the 

garden beautiful for the event, Sam, Tom, Leonard and Glenn for constructing the children’s area garden beds, Patricia for 

Our new garden turtle, “Shelly”.


Thanks to the super set up and clean up people-Kathy, Bobbi, Jim, Leonard and Don


Thanks to Coralee and Naoma for doing a great job of greeting and doing the sign up table


Many thanks to all those who brought animals—Melissa Palmer and daughter with chickens and lizard; Sandy and Sid with chickens;

Rusty with rabbits and chickens and Roben with goat.  The animals are such a hit and the children enjoy them so much.  The animal

handlers did a super job of engaging the kids.


More thanks to...

Yummy Snack- water provided by Honda and animal fruit snack provided by Smiths

Cute chicken and pig on clothes pin provided by Tami, Kimberlin and Kyleah, Alicia and family

Terrific Watering sunflowers/garden and education by Gail, Don and Teresa

Nifty Nutrition game by Tiera from the MC Public Health

Megan did great job with story time

Face painting was a huge hit with Sister Coglianese and Larsen



Positive outcomes:

Rouha attended and enjoyed the event

Leased the last two ground beds—only front handi-cap bed is available

Sign ups to help—

1 garden monitor

6 plan events

1 donation

4 fundraising

3 other

6 weeding

9 help at events

3 facebook

1 sponsor


I hope I didn’t miss anyone or anything.  Many, many thanks for all each of you do.  Together we have created a wonderful garden and great children’s events!

It could not be done without the help of each and everyone of you!


Denise   Enjoy the photos——

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