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All About Chickens 09-22-21

Dora, that's right, Dora is her Name.  Dora is a Speckled Sussex hen that is approximately four months old.  Sandy Hampson, a Kingman Area Master Gardener, and Cerbat Garden Club member is her mentor.  Sandy is also known as the 'Crazy Chicken Lady'.  Sandy and Dora taught a class at DIG it Kingman Community Gardens. The class was held on a sunny day in September.  It was sponsored by Mohave Community College, Lori Gunnett (who was also in attendance).  The attendees learned practically all you need to know about chickens, form the quarters in which they should live, to how old they live, to their egg laying habits, to what they like to eat as treats, to predators and diseases.  Betcha didn't know that eggs come in a variety of colors, with brown being the most prevalent color.  Chickens are attracted to the color red and now studies show that they can learn their names and recognize up to fifty people.  There are small chickens such as the Leghorns, and large chickens such as the Brahma.   But if you want to have less trouble raising chickens for hobby or small egg production, you should keep the quantity to ten or under.  It's also good to have at least two chickens, because they like company.  The most important take away about chicken quarters, the coup, is that it should be easy to clean.

By the way, Sandy also sells eggs from her 'girls'.  A copy of her card is on the attached link below.  Call her if you want the freshest eggs around.

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