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2022 Schedule   



Leaves, Leaves, and More Leaves! We read a story about a winter garden, played in the leaves, made two scarecrows, and enjoyed the beautiful weather playing in the garden.  We had 30 kids!  We also were blessed to have Rouha visit today.  Starbucks supplied cake pops and hot chocolate for today's festivities.


Read a book called kindness is a superpower, are snacks from smiths and Victoria sugar shack, made valentines using seeds and played in the dirt.


Birds children's Event.  Today we had about 40 kids.  We read and talked about birds, moved soil to the garden, painted bird houses, met Dora the chicken, and had an egg hung.  Lots of fun.  A big thank you to our volunteers and parents who help make these things happen.


Wow, what a day! We had over 50 kids!  We colored 50 bags for the upcoming appreciation day, we planted our own green bean cups, we ate from ms sweet pea's garden, and read 'Lola plants a garden'.  Today would not have been possible without our amazing volunteers and donations.  Big thanks to Denise, Lori, Musick family, Victoria, Lainey, Jennifer, the Girl Scouts, and Ashley for helping with misc things.  Looks amazing everyone.


Arbor Day celebration! Big thanks to Neighborhood Forest for our 55 free incense cedars, dominos pizza, master gardeners Leroy, bill, Debbie, and Victoria, Lori Gunnette from MCC and all our families that attended and helped out. We had around 50 kids, they read a story about trees, painted a hand tree, learned about the history of Arbor Day and learned how to plant trees.


Creepy crawler compost day. Big thanks to joelle from blm, the Nicholson family, Crista Musick, and Steve for bringing the amazing snakes and reptiles! We had about 60 kids we talked about composting, played with snakes, painted our own snake and added dirt to our compost stew!

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Another fun event, between 50-60 kids present. We learned about butterflies and ladybugs. We read the hungry caterpillar, picked weeds, learned about the life cycles, released some butterflies and ladybugs into the garden and made a craft. Nice day!


30 kids got to enjoy the beautiful weather, pick weeds, play a game, eat some delicious fruit, and paint with fruits and veggies! Big thanks to our supportive parents that help clean up and Ron for donating his yummy apples, Marlene for chips, Victoria for water and Gatorade.


What beautiful weather. Today we discussed pumpkins with 50+ kiddos. I read a book about pumpkin boats, we explored and pulled out the guts and seeds in some pumpkins, and we painted some mini pumpkins. Big thanks to my supportive families! Thank you for donating and grew the mini pumpkins, the pomegranates, the juice, the snacks, and little Debbie.


In June, over 80 children and their families signed up to plant, weed, water, care for and harvest pumpkins in the Children’s pumpkin patch this year.  The kids did a great job and enjoyed picking pumpkins and partying on Harvest Day, October 21st.  The party included Starbucks hot chocolate and cake pops,  chips from Frito Lay, Halloween cookies from the Sugar Shack, snacks from McKee Foods, Marlene for the chips,  juice and candy donated by friends of the garden, Cosmic Bounce House, Jerry the scarecrow, lots of games with Girl Scout Troop #7478 and more.  These families have been dedicated to Dig It's children’s educational events every month at the garden and enjoyed their well deserved Harvest Party. Thank you to all the businesses, garden people and parents for their generous donations.   Jerry, the scarecrow was awesome!  The Girls Scouts did a terrific job. Don and Teresa made a lovely harvest display, and Susan did a super job taking care of the food/beverage table.   Once again, Andrea is to be thanked for coordinating the wonderful party and decorating the garden so nicely.  Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make it happen!


Healthy eating children's event was held today. We had just about 30 kiddos brave the cold and join in. We read a book about eating a rainbow, miss sarah from the health department went over some good things to eat and then fed us a rainbow fruit salad. Once done, we did some leaf rubbings. See you all in December!


Last event of the year. We talked about keeping our bodies moving and busy. Which yoga jan and coach anna helped us do! We also got some presents! Big thanks to those that helped fix the hiccups today, our exercise enthusiasts, dunkin for the donuts, starbucks for our cannisters, our supportive parents that brave the cold, and our beloved donators that keep us going. Thank you community!

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