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Events and Activities at DIG it


The DIG it Kingman Community Garden provides a safe, fun place to Garden.  Many proceeds from the harvest will be donated to those less fortunate members of the community. Join us and become a part of the Gardening community.                           

Video Sponsored by Yoga Jan-Friend of the Garden  See more

Below are photos of the First DIG it Garden Bed, the inaugural DIG-in which was held April 15, 2015, and the First DIG it sign that was hung

Raised Bed Gardening at DIG it

Environmentally safe garden pest, disease and weed control-As your garden grows you will inevitably face some threat from a variety of local garden pests and diseases.  The trick is to mitigate the damage without causing harm to the Eco system.   Read more


Raised Bed Gardening-Having a Raised Bed Garden is a fun, easy and convenient way to grow your own vegetables and plants.  Click here to learn how to have a successful Raised Bed Garden.   Also get ideas on building a raised garden bed.

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