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Meet The DIG it Steering Committee

Our role is to make sure that the Garden runs smoothly and the gardeners have a safe, fun and enjoyable gardening experience. We are a 501c3 (EIN 94-2789842) under New Life Church.  Our land use has been donated by New Life Church, Kingman AZ

Mike crctd and crop.jpg

I am the Garden Manager for the DIG it Kingman Community Garden.  I have been involved in the construction and design of the garden and the day to day operations.  To contact me, click here.

Ron crop color.jpg

As a former Master Gardener Coordinator my main role is to manage the DIG it website and database.  My training will still allow me to periodically help out with training and education at the garden.  I also serve as the Garden Bed Lease coordinator. To contact me,  click here.

Denise round3.png

I help with garden bed leasing, the Children's Garden, community outreach, fundraising, publicity and events for Dig It.  I love letting the Kingman community know about the learning, growing and sharing that happens at the garden. To contact me, click here.

Cindy crop.jpg

As a Master Gardener, I educate the public on a variety of issues relating to gardening. My focus on the Community Garden will also involve education such as plant talks, answering questions and providing knowledge for its success in addition to assisting with future ideas and projects. To contact me, click here.

Andrea crop 3.png

I lease two garden beds that I share and teach my 2 and 3 years olds and their friends the magic of growing things. I will be helping with the children’s events in the garden.  I am excited and cannot wait to meet and share with you our community garden! To contact me, click here

Jon Mayberry-1 crop.jpg

I have worked to plan, build and construct garden beds and other structures at the DIG it Kingman Community garden.  To contact me, click here.

Bobby Benton crp.jpg
Bobby Benton crp.jpg

I am a garden bed lessee and love to garden. I am the chair of the Dig It Dash and help with other events at the garden. To conact me, click here

Teressa Faatz crp.jpg

I am a former Associate Master Gardener and lessee of several garden beds at Dig It.  I enjoy educating people about gardening and plants when they visit the garden.  I help new gardeners and answer questions. I grow unusual, yet edible plants that are viable in the desert and inform people about them. I also help with the Children’s Garden area and events at the garden. To contact me, click here

Debra Sixta Round crp.png

I have resided in Kingman AZ for almost 29 years-a Real Estate Broker, local business owner and Community Member who takes pride in the joy and future of Kingman.  My heart has always been in helping others, whatever that might be.  I am a former leader of Kingman Cancer Unit, the local Board of Realtors all positions, Kingman Hospice, Central Church leader including Celebrate Recovery, and have been a volunteer for quite a few boards and commissions at the City of Kingman.  From the board of adjustments, to my current post as acting chair of the Economic Development and Tourism Commission, a member of the Cerbat Garden Club and member of the DIG It Kingman Community Gardens steering committee I believe in the bright future ahead for all of the citizens of Kingman Arizona.  To contact me click here.

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